What’s all this about, then?

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September 21, 2012 by Daniel

What. Is. Up.

At this point if you’re reading this, you probably know who I am.

But why this?  Why a return to blogging?  Why now, at the start of a school year?  Why the garish Vertigo theme?

Well, the Vertigo deal is just kind of awesome, and the only exciting WordPress theme I could find without thumbing through 18 bazillion variations of “black text on white background”.  I’ll probably get rid of it once I find something a little bit less crazy, so revel in it’s glory while you still can.

Now – the blog.  Over the past….let’s say two years, I’ve amassed a not-insubstantial amount of lists – video games to play, comics and books to read, music to listen to, and movies to watch.  I have been getting through these lists exceedingly slowly, as I’d suspect most people do – I don’t have enough time, or I spend a lot of my available time just dicking around on the internet, or something new comes out and I toss the old things away with a resounding “fuck it”.   And I’m a pretty busy guy too –  I go to school, I’m in two bands, I do some teaching on the weekends, I occasionally do some writing for websites, and I have a decent enough social life!

So, this whole thing all reached a head about a month ago.  See, I’m a bit of a slob, so I have a whole lot of random things just strewn about various rooms in my house, a characteristic of mine that has actually given my mom legitimate nightmares before.  We were having some family friends over for dinner sometime ago, which meant I had to do one of my sporadic Gatherings Of All My Crap.  This culminated in me collecting all the random books that I had bought over the past while into a single “to-read” stack that looks like…um…this:

I count 17.

That’s a lot of books.  Some of these are recent, bought over the summer or near the end of last school year.  Some of them go a little farther back – I got both Midnight’s Children and Ghost Rider for my birthday in March this year.  Some go eeevvveeennn further, reaching to the simpler times of first-year university.  But the truly shameful ones – well, I’ve had those since high school.  These are books that have been sitting around my room for 5 or 6 years.  I got Everything is Illuminated in grade 11 by trading a friend of mine for my copy of No Logo by Naomi Klein; and I bought The Canon in grade 12 after a particularly zealous (and great!) Data Management teacher brought up its section on probabilities in class and promptly blew my frickin’ mind.  I read past the intro and probabilities section, got about halfway through the chemistry section and stopped reading, intending to go back to it but never quite having the conviction to do so.

And that’s just the books!  Here’s my stack of comics:

Most of these were bought at Fan Expo this year, so it’s not as bad. In fact, about half of this is stuff that I’m re-reading.

And my stack of video games:

This doesn’t include my list of Steam games, of which there are – ready for it? – OVER EIGHTY-FIVE. Steam sales and Indie bundles. Goddamn.

I don’t have a really big stack of music or movies to show you, since most of them are either a) on my computer or b) I don’t own them yet.  But here’s a screenshot of sticky notes from my Mac, which I haven’t even used in at least a year:

I’ve already removed the things that I successfully finished.  The book suggestions are from a glorious period in my life whereupon I was NOT incredibly overloaded with literature.

In addition to this, I’ve also got a list of about 15 bands to check out on my phone, a slightly smaller list of movies (in addition to a few that have been lying around for a couple months after a Rogers sale) , and a letter from a friend of mine containing a frankly insane amount of music recommendations.  And that’s not even mentioning the TV shows I’ve been meaning to check out.

If you haven’t realized by now, it’s a lot of stuff.  A lot of entertainment.  A lot of art.  It’s reached a point where there are basically two things I can do: 1) give up on the lists entirely and start fresh or 2) actually make an effort to take these things on.

I’m choosing the latter.

This semester, I’m only going to school three times a week.  And the days where I do go in are never for more than 3 hours a day, if that.  I don’t have a ton of homework, and I only have the attention span to practice for so long every day.  I’m working out a lot, but only for about 30-60 minutes a day.  The recordings that my bands have been working on for most of summer are nearly done.  I don’t have a consistent job.  If I’m going to get through this stuff, now’s a good time to do it.

And, of course, I’ll be writing about it so you can follow along with my journey.  I’ll be jotting down my thoughts on these things as I go through them, reviewing them once they’re complete, and in the cases where I feel it’s appropriate, analyzing them in a more in-depth fashion.

This could get crazy.  Hope ya like it.

– Daniel

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