Highlights – 10/08/2012

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October 8, 2012 by Daniel

Well kids, looks like it’s a Monday again.  While all of you are dealing with your stuffed bellies and the aftermath of your turkey naps, I’m here putting up quotes and things that I thought were funny/interesting.  So, let’s all be thankful for people who put up Internet content on the day where there usually isn’t any; like me!  Oh, and your families and friends and health and all that stuff, but y’know…whatever.

“I need your Herbie Hancock on this, boss” (Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation)

“There’s a hot spinning cone of meat in that Greek restaurant next door.  I don’t know what it is, but I want to eat the whole thing.” (Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation)

“Never half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing” (Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation)

“Women have always been the ones to change my life…Women have fixed me all right, but perhaps they were never central – perhaps the place which they should have filled, the hole in the center of me which was my inheritance from my grandfather Aadam Aziz, was occupied for too long by my voices.  Or perhaps – one must consider all possibilities – they always made me a little afraid.” (Midnight’s Children)

“Reality can have metaphorical content; that does not make it less real.” (Midnight’s Children)

Sorry for the lack of variety here!  I didn’t get as much stuff done this week.  Also, I’d be writing down a whole bunch of stuff from Archer but so much of that humour tends to be from delivery that removing it from that is silly.  Anyways, check back later today for a Progress Report, annndd I should have a more “real” thing up tomorrow.

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