Highlights – 10/22/2012

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October 22, 2012 by Daniel

“It has not been my experience that “women” is an incredibly useful term when it comes to knowing what people are like. Likewise, “men” hasn’t proved particularly stable as a construct! So when someone purports to have discovered a mystical formula to alchemize these two cosmic forces, you need to understand they are engaging in a terrible and ancient form of chicanery.” (Jerry Holkins, news-post that coincides with the comic strip “Granularity”)

“We’re all nerds here. I would argue virtually everyone is. After all, what is a nerd? It’s someone who has a passion for something. There are gaming nerds, and music nerds, and TV nerds, and train nerds, and yes, there are sports nerds. Let’s stop all this nerd-on-nerd judgmentalism, alright? And pity that tragic minority of people who aren’t nerds. People for whom there is nothing that provokes any passionate interest. Who regard all things with folded arms and an aloof sneer. What sad, empty, friendless lives they must lead.” (Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, “Sports Nerds are Nerds Too”)

“I gotta say, I’m really hooked on playing GBA games lately.  There’s this one game that just absolutely rules.  It’s called “Fire Emblem”.  You ever heard of it?  Man, it ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!” (A random Toad from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

“Even as he spoke he could hear his words sounding hollow, and realized that although what he was saying was the literal truth, there were other truths which had become more important because they had been sanctified by time.” (Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children)

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