Highlights – 11/19/2012

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November 20, 2012 by Daniel

Sorry if you missed this feature last week; I was super-swamped with work and preferred to have the Paper Mario piece out over this.  Anywho, lots of stuff this week, most of which is from Eddie Campbell’s absolutely incredible Alec: The Years Have Pants, which collects the individual graphic novels of his decade-spanning autobiographical comic into one nice fat omnibus.  I’ve tried to pick quotes that are still effective when removed from the artwork; as well, I’ve attributed them to the collection that they were originally published in as opposed to The Years Have Pants – though even that is only about 25 bucks on Amazon, so if you like what you see, you should just buy it.

“My plea is: to leave this auditorium today, and go back into this strange and mysterious world that we’re in, and try to lead a life that is free from dogma, and full of awe and wonder, and to celebrate possibility, and to praise uncertainty.” (Dr. David Eagleman from a TEDtalk about his new belief system”)

“Inspiration is more like food poisoning;  it sprays out uncontrollably when you need it the least.” (The Oatmeal, “Some Thoughts and Musings About Making Things for the Web”)

“His patter is fluent. His words come out like magician’s doves.  And it is all, you understand, by way of makin’ up.  Alec shortly observed that social skill and sexual skill are not unrelated.” (Eddie Campbell, Alec: The King Canute Crowd.  Unless otherwise noted, all subsequent quotes are from the same.)

“When a girl of your fancy remembers your name it’s music.”

“The nicest thing in this life is just to be with your friends.  No big story need come of it.  The adrenaline may not flow.  But those things are necessary too.  Energy builds up and you become restless in that fine company and it’s time to go.  Go boomerang across the country and get it out of your system. ”

“A funny notion occurred to me while I was drowning.  I saw humanity all pasted together with semen.  It was running down legs at bus stops after early morning quickies.  It was dripping off the ends of noses.  The word ‘spunk’ is good English, I have always thought, at least according to the Danny Grey principle where shithouse is better English than lavatory.”

“Where does one’s sexuality come from?  It’s not there at the beginning like hunger or curiosity, planted like little acorns so to speak, but visits us quite by surprise, transforming us overnight into someone else, some formidable creature, and disappears just as it came – disconcertingly.”

“Here I am murdering Penny Moore in a guest house in a dream.  You will understand, of course, that I am obsessed with the girl.  When with friends, I will often watch her attentively.  I’ll stare even.  I’ll make everyone feel uncomfortable.  I only mention this in case you are in some far flung illiterate future where my poor little book is the text in your English lit. graduation exam.  I should want you to have all the information at your disposal.”

“Janey’s kitchen walls are covered with graffiti.  I told somebody about this recently and they said ‘she’s obviously only renting the place’, like people renting a house can’t wait to be wrecking it or something.  But not so; she just places the creativity of her children above wallpaper in scale of importance.” (Eddie Campbell, Alec: Graffiti Kitchen)

“I’m drawing close to five years of cutting big sheets of metal into rectangles.  It takes one who has seen the absurdity of modern life to enjoy something like this.” (Eddie Campbell, Alec: Graffiti Kitchen)

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