The XCOM Files: Dossier 1

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February 6, 2013 by Daniel

We always knew this would happen. I just didn’t think I’d be alive to see it.

You can call me The Commander. I’m the head of the worldwide Extraterrestrial Combat Unit – XCOM for short. You don’t know about us, but we’ve existed in some form or another since 1947. After the Roswell incident, it became an unavoidable fact that we’d have to deal with a major invasion, eventually. We brought together the finest scientific minds of our time. We hand-picked a small lineup of soldiers from all around the world – Spetsnaz, SWAT, hell, even a few members of MARCOS. We trained them as best we could. And then we waited. And waited. Engineers and scientists planned for the worst, but with no contact it was impossible to divert our funds effectively. Leadership changed hands. Soldiers retired with severance pay, even though they hadn’t seen a lick of combat action. It seemed like we were safe for the foreseeable future.

But on February 3rd, 2015, an unidentified object landed somewhere in the United States and wreaked havoc on a small town. We sent a small team in – only one of them came back, an Argentenian by the name of Fernando Diaz. He’s since become the veteran of our ground forces, earning himself the name “Tectonic” by his comrades – probably on account of his penchant for earth-shattering rocket launchers.

Since then, we’ve recruited a small but capable team of ground forces: Patrick Martin, nickname “Strings”, an Australian with a medical background who has become our main resource for field operative survivability; Soo Kwan, nickname “Stalker”, a Korean who’s a crack shot with a sniper rifle, and has saved our asses more times than I can count; Harry White, nickname “Spike”, a close-range Assault man who hasn’t racked up the kills, but was responsible for our first alien capture; and Jana Schwartz, the German newbie of the team who’s starting to find her feet as a capable sniper.


Due to some recent injuries, we’ve also brought in the South African Tafari Masango to fill out the squad, but he hasn’t proven his worth yet – two missions, no kills, and the dumbass almost got himself murdered last mission by not moving with the proper care. Idiot. If Strings wasn’t there to pull him out of critical condition, we’d have had our first casualty since the war began.

XCOM has bases all around the world, but our home is in North America. It was my decision – call it national pride. We’ve put one additional satellite over China, as tensions began to rise; don’t tell them that there’s no way interceptor jet planes could ever get there in time in the case of an alien attack. It’ll just cause more panic. We’re working on it.

We’ve been holding things together pretty well right now. No casualties, panic levels low worldwide, and we just got our close-range soldiers outfitted with better armor.


But I can see problems brewing. I see tensions beginning to rise in the nations we’ve ignored; I see our resources draining while our technological needs rise; I see soldiers coming closer to the brink of death with every mission. This is not going to be easy.

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