The XCOM Files: Dossier 3

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February 27, 2013 by Daniel

Nov. 15/2015

Our situation have been looking up since last time. Things got pretty hairy in June, as flagships that we were unable to shoot down reappeared with scads of aliens in tow. We lost most of our best soldiers, were unable to train new ones due to an overwhelming number of hostiles during practically every mission, and had already spent our funding for the month. If not for a last-minute request from China, which gave us a drastic monetary boost that lasted us until the end of the month, we very possibly would have lost the fight right then and there. This war has sucked my humanity away – aside from a couple longtime veterans, I consider most of my soldiers to be disposable until they properly prove themselves. I don’t even know most of their names. Regardless, some of our fallen soldiers should have their stories told, so here it is.

Our medic, Strings, was mind-controlled into killing a rookie during a routine mission. The emotional weight of this made him careless, and he was killed during one of the aforementioned flagship raids. Our new medic is Sam “Combo” Song, who doesn’t quite fill the gap but is fairly capable in his own right.

Sgt. Masango became a fairly capable mobile sniper – surprisingly – but was killed by a Muton after running too far into enemy territory. We went through several replacements who all met unfortunate ends in the field after a mission or two. We’ve now settled on Ahmed “Walker” Fahrouk from Yemen, who is still fairly early in his training but showing lots of potential.

Snake Eyes has become one of our strongest units, having just recently been outfitted with a plasma sniper rifle and Archangel armor. She has become such a strong sniper that she’s now able to shoot twice in quick succession, so long as she stays stationary. We almost lost her on our last mission, but a quick rejuvenation allowed her to leave the field alive, albeit with some grave injuries. It would weigh heavily on me if we lost her now.

McKay became a promising Heavy, but was killed after a few missions on the field. We have been putting our focus towards training new recruits in the art of the rocket launcher, and have found a capable pair in Osvaldo “Disco” Santiago from Brazil and Olujimi “Thunder” Chikunga, who was gifted to us from Nigeria after we stopped an alien abduction.

Our main assault unit, Spike, has become an irreplaceable beacon of leadership on our team. He has been there for practically every mission, and is an invaluable member of our primary squad, especially when paired with our newly-constructed Alloy Cannon. He is also our sole PsiOps unit, which makes him an even more important commodity.


Since then, we’ve made substantial improvements to our tech, courtesy of research into the extraterrestrial’s weapons; we’re now able to utilize plasma weapons, build more effective interceptors, and create much more durable armor. We’ve inspired so much enthusiasm through our efforts that new soldiers are recruited into XCOM with their specialties already in mind, which means we don’t have any more rookies coming in totally green.

In fact, the invasion is nearing its end: Spike has used his psionic powers to discover the location of the aliens’ temple ship, which we believe to be their primary flagship. We’ve sent our troops out to it now; if they don’t come back, this could be the end of humanity as we know it.

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