New Music Wednesday: Back to the Stacks

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May 2, 2013 by Daniel

Hey, remember when I was actually writing a lot? And then a deluge of final assignments and essays sucked all of my enthusiasm away and I couldn’t find the motivation in me to put digital ink to virtual paper for like a month?

Good times.

Anywho, school’s over and I’m jobless for another week or so, which means it’s time to get back in the game. And so, for once I’ll actually be talking about something that I can cross off my lists – Cardiacs, specifically their 1996 comeback album Sing to God.

Y’know, I always enjoy when my two favourite things – music and video games – intersect. Oh, it’s not like Cardiacs have anything to actually do with video games, but I heard about them from a fairly well-known video game journalist by the name of Jim Sterling, who immediately intrigued me by posting this….thing on his Twitter account.

Pretty crazy stuff right? The weird circus noises, the jarring time signature shifts, the bright but creepily “off” visuals, the very intense BRITISHNESS of the whole thing – this was very clearly My Kind Of Jam.

Sing to God is a slightly different story – it’s a bit more “obviously” dark, with less loopy carnival sounds and harder-hitting, more aggressive style. And the second disc is fairly sane in comparison, with songs that are less opaque in their structure and actually stick to a single metric division throughout.

Despite the somewhat more focused sound, the album still comes off to me like “British Mr. Bungle”, with the ska and metal influences of that band replaced by an ungodly combination of classic punk and 70s progressive rock. And speaking as I did about how I feel when my favourite things intersect, those two genres are basically what my early music education consisted of, so what the Cardiacs do hits me on a long-internalized level.

Like most double albums, I’m not entirely sure Sing to God is deserving of its length, especially considering the sensory-overloading sound of the band itself. It’s probably not the best introduction to the band – I don’t even really know why I picked it, considering that it runs counter to my natural inclination towards things that are short – but man, Cardiacs are hella crazy, so just about anything they do is automatically endearing to me. If your ears are as inclined towards slightly deranged things as mine, they’ll probably have the same effect on you.


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